Bates Dates Suspended For 2020 

All Bates Family dates have been cancelled for the 2020 touring season because of the Covid 19 Pandemic. We look forward to seeing all of you in 2021. We are scheduling dates NOW for 2021. We are only doing 90 dates per year and it is first come first serve. We would love to be a part of your church service or events. Blessings!

" Jesus Is The Best Thing" Hits Radio. 

The Bates Family is so excited to announce their first single off of their new cd project entitled "Love Wins" will be "Jesus Is The Best Thing" an uptempo song penned by Tim Bates and Steven Cheney, who was the co- writer to their smash hit "Somewhere Prayin" This song is fun to sing along with and rest assured it is the type of song that will get stuck in your head long after you hear it. The shipping date is by the 15th of September. Call your local southern gospel station and request it. Lets help this one be the biggest song yet!! We Love you all!!

Back To Back #1 Positions 

The Bates Family has just learned that their current single "Somewhere Prayin" has gone number one back to back in the months of July and August at the Harbor Radio Network.  The president of Harbor Radio stated " This song has not only touched our loyal listener base, but it has personally effected me and I have gained strength from it. It is no surprise that it is still number one on our network, it is a great song!" We our elated that this song has touched so many people, God has a way of using lyrics to help encourage and strengthen the body of Christ.  

Somewhere Prayin Goes Top 40 

We have learned that our current radio single has jumped from #68 to #38 in the Singing News national charts. What a thrill for us to have our second Top 40 and is still climbing! This song has touched so many people and we are so grateful for the overwhelming response. There is still power in prayer. 

Somewhere Prayin' Hits Radio 

The Bates Family are proud to announce the release of their new radio single "Somewhere Prayin" This song has already touched so many people at their live concerts that are broken and feel so irrelevant in life. Written by Tim Bates, the message is sure to resonate with the listener. Hitting radio at the end of Feb...Please be sure and call your favorite southern gospel radio station and  request it. This beautiful power ballad is destined to be the Bates Family's next big hit!! 

Laykin Bates To Fill The Role Of Third Part... 

The Bates Family has announced that Tim and LaDonna's daughter Laykin will be filling the role of the 3rd vocalist for the group. Tim stated " We are so excited to see our daughter step into this role for our ministry, she has been taking piano lessons for a while and it has helped her vocals progress as well. She is now able to sustain her lead notes even with harmony built around her. LaDonna and I are eager to see her grow in the ministry and are excited for everyone to hear her." We want to say publicly to Heather Meade who has been with us for almost 4 yrs. thank you so much for your loyalty, commitment, and sacrifices and not to mention the countless memories we have made together. You have been a wonderful asset to our ministry and we honor you and love you deeply. Good luck with your future endeavors and may the Lord continue to use you to build the kingdom. Please pray for us as we enter this new season, that we will be diligent in walking through the doors that has been opened for us. 

Dinner With The King Hits Radio.... 

The Bates Family are so excited about their new radio single "Dinner With The King" hitting radio next week. This song was written by Tim Bates and co- written by Tammie Herring who has over 65 cuts performed by industry leaders such as The Tribute Quartet, Dove Brothers, The Hyysongs and others. Tim stated " It was so fun writing with Tammie, I think we laughed more than we wrote. We knew this song was special when the final draft was finished and we had a feeling that this would be great for radio". Dinner With The King is found on the latest Bates Family project entitled "Miracles"  visit  to download  the single  or the complete project. Call your local Southern Gospel station and request it today. 


"All That Heaven Holds" Jumps To #62 .... 

The Bates Family has learned that their current single "All That Heaven Holds" has jumped to #62 in the Singing News Magazine charts. The song has only been out for two months and debut at #138 . "We are thrilled that radio is supporting us, their support is vital to what we are trying to accomplish for the kingdom." Tim Bates stated. "All That Heaven Holds" is off of their new cd release entitled " Miracles" Please call and request it today, let's see if we can go Top 40!!!! 

Bates Family Appears As Featured Artists On Gospel Greats Show. 

The Bates Family has learned that they will be the featured artists on the world famous #1 syndicated gospel music show The Gospel Greats with Paul Heil. This is a joint effort in promoting the new cd project "Miracles" as well as going in depth the last 2 years with LaDonna's stroke experience. We are thrilled that the show has shown an interest in our family and ministry. We thank God for this incredible opportunity.